‘Meet Lauren Baker, the artist who quit her job because a dream told her to’  //Metro.

‘Meet Lauren Baker, the artist who quit her job because a dream told her to’ //Metro.

There’s something deeply meditational about Lauren Baker’s art. Her latest exhibition, The Colour Of Energy, is essentially a series of circles in varying hues and depths and has been inspired by both the Icelandic Aurora Borealis and aura energy colours. It’s an exploration of chakras, with each canvas addressing a different chakra in the body. You can even have your own aura photographed (I did, in case you were wondering, and apparently I’m full of yellow energy). Stand in front of one of these canvases and you can soon fall into a kind of yogic state. They’re quietening. Downstairs in her studio, Lauren hosts gong baths and meditation sessions. The work and the space go hand in hand. But Lauren, originally from Middlesborough, hasn’t always been this sort of new age creative. In fact, until 2012, she worked in a corporate job and led a ‘hedonistic lifestyle’. It wasn’t until she travelled to South America that she had something of an artistic awakening. ‘I was feeling disillusioned in the corporate world, and after reading a book called The Power Of Now, I suddenly quit my job and set off on an adventure to South America,’ she tells Metro.co.uk. ‘I joined a street art project in Brazil where I realized that art is medicine.’ Three months later, she found herself in the middle of the Peruvian Amazon where she met some shamans, deep in the jungle. (Picture: Lauren Baker) ‘I had an epiphany that I was an artist,’ she says. And that was it – her career was set out. ‘After the revelation, I travelled to Venice to do a short course in mosaics and arrived back to London with 100% belief, passion and determination, ready to fully embrace my creativity.’ Before she found art, she says that she led a ‘pretty hedonistic lifestyle’. ‘When I started creating, I found meaning. Art is truly therapeutic. I’m so passionate about creating. I found my thing. I love what I do. It doesn’t feel like work. ‘Sometimes I’m in the studio till 6am because I’m on a roll, in the flow, experimenting, and time evaporates. Those flow periods are blissful. I can express myself in ways I cannot express in words. I get ideas when I meditate and through my dreams.’ Her artwork explores the fragility of life…in neon. Sometimes she’ll write positive mantras in neon, similar to Tracey Emin. Other times, she’ll use light to create mirrored illusions. One of her soon-to-be-released pieces is a mirrored coffin, the interior of which seems to spiral indefinitely. ‘I’m intrigued by the afterlife, portals to other dimensions, and visually interpreting unseen energy,’ says Lauren. The White Light (Picture: Lauren Baker) Her own unlikely journey into art has influenced her newest project: Lauren is starting an art movement called ‘The Creativity Myth’. She wants to help more people get into art who previously have been hindered by thinking themselves ‘bad’ at it. ‘I believe we all have innate creativity – we are all artists,’ she says. ‘Too many people focus on a perceived lack of talent or skill resulting in a fear-driven creative block. I believe every single person has creative potential. We need to shift the focus towards being open and receptive and to seek opportunities to creatively express ourselves. ‘I genuinely believe the world will be a more harmonious place if we all tap into our personal creativity. No matter what the medium – whether, art, music, dance, writing and so on.

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