Marianne Nix – Ephemeral – 100 Running Lines Hyde Park 2012

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Etching using oil based ink on Somerset 250gsm paper

From a limited edition of 90

Paper size 44cm x 55cm unframed

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Artists’ reflection:


‘This print was selected to be exhibited at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2012.

The idea relates to the paths we make and leave behind during a life. In particular the tracks that we regularly tread over and over again.

This is a map of Hyde Park and the paths that running and walking have left over many years and which have eventually formed the fixed paths of the Park.

As I created the map by heavy embossed etching, I wanted to create the stillness of what running can be as well as the busy life of the city around the potential stillness of the rhythms of running in nature.

I was reminded that for some, running is a punishment. As a child I was punished by having to write the same sentence 100 times. It is these lines I wrote (backwards) for this print.’


All images owned by the artist

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